Máscara facial suave de poliuretano BOBOVR F2 con ventilación Quest 2

Máscara facial suave de poliuretano BOBOVR F2 con ventilación Quest 2

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Este producto es adecuado para algo en particular y se puede comprobar su compatibilidad con un modelo específico haciendo clic en el enlace proporcionado. El F2 ACF mejorado es compatible con el Quest2, lo que hace que la interfaz facial sea más cómoda y eficiente en términos de ventilación. Incorpora un sistema de ventilación activa que reduce el empañamiento de la lente y la congestión facial. Además, su interfaz facial flexible se adapta a diferentes curvas de contorno facial para mejorar la comodidad de uso. El diseño de su estructura de ventilación incluye rejillas de entrada de aire en la parte superior e inferior, lo que optimiza el flujo de aire y reduce la sequedad ocular. El ventilador de ventilación activa se puede quitar rápidamente para cargar o reemplazar y su ajuste de velocidad del viento de 2 velocidades alivia la acumulación de aire caliente y empañamiento





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Peso del producto

‎30 g

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Tipo de conector


Tipo de conexión inalámbrica


Composición de la pila de la batería

‎Polímero de litio

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Tamaño de la pantalla

‎7 Pulgadas


‎ShenZhen XiaoZhai Technology Co., Ltd

Componentes incluidos

‎Interfaz facial, microventilador magnético, espuma reemplazable

Otras características

‎Ventilación de microventilador

Aparatos compatibles

‎Ordenador personal

Plataforma de Hardware


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‎1 Litio Ion (Tipo de pila necesaria)

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‎18.6 x 11.4 x 8.9 cm; 30 gramos



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22 mayo 2022

10 valoraciones en Máscara facial suave de poliuretano BOBOVR F2 con ventilación Quest 2

  1. figuras_anime_esp

    Las compré porque el beat saber. Es un juego muy adictivo y la mejor forma de hacer deporte que he descubierto.Si quieres quemar calorías, estas gafas junto al juego serán tus aliados.

  2. Kuka

    Ha gustado mucho .

  3. Vaughan

    It has a simple job and it does it well, I have noticed that the airflow on the high setting is so good it can sometimes make my eyes dry out a little hahaha. I tend to just put it on the low setting and it’s quiet and efficient, perfect for the job. BOBOVR and their magnets, this is so easy to pop on and off for charging and when it pops back on its always in the perfect spot with the magnets. 5/5 for sure.

  4. Patrick Berger

    Bought it more for curiousity without any real expectations however pleasantly surprised.While its hard to fully eliminate, it does reduce fog and sweat buildup on the Quest glasses by a big amount and as a glasses-wearer it also helps tremendously with keeping my glasses from fogging up within the headset.As I use the thin extension/standoff/glasses part from the Quest 2 itself before clicking on this facerest I have no issues with it being stuck to the Quest 2 like someone mentioned.Neither do I see any lightintake through the vents. This might depend on maybe if youre outside and have sunlight coming in from weird angles… Or are standing very specifically right underneath a bright light…Does make a bit of noise but even on highest level when you play a game at half volume it already overrules it.With silent and/or horror games this might however affect it.Overall surprised and for this price its not an bad addition

  5. smassie75

    I have tried a few fans for the Quest 2 and this one by far is my favorite. It is the most comfortable and keeps my face from melting off without drying my eyes out. I do wish there was an optional cover for the plether, but as it, it’s easy to wipe off between users. I don’t wear my glasses while I am using the headset, but I did test it and they fit just fine inside of the faceplate.

  6. Justin James

    The quest 2 is uncomfortable, and very annoying to use. But with this, it fits my face, and finally I can workout in VR without steaming up the lenses.

  7. Rodo

    Tanto el ventilador extractor como la interfaz facial cumplen con lo prometido, es mucho más cómodo que la interfaz que viene de fabrica y el ventilador ayuda a evitar que se nublen los lentes por condensación.Para referencia yo vivo en una región semidesértica con mucho calor bajo en humedad.

  8. Dallas

    I got the first iteration of this product a while ago, and listed a number of flaws in my initial review. Here’s how they’ve been addressed:* The fan charging process and attachment has been vastly improved with a new magnetic design. This also fixes the issues with fan off/setting 1 performance, because you can just remove the fan!* The injection molding seems to have no issues – everything clicks right into place this time around.* The facial interface is now dual-shot with a rubberized material that improves comfort, light blocking, and surface finish. They also decided to integrate the nose light blocker, which keeps it from interfering with the velcro padding.* I’m not sure if anything was changed, but the velcro’s adhesive has not been a problem with this upgraded version.There are still two remaining issues:* On setting 2, the fan is still pretty noisy. I don’t see this changing unless they use a larger fan, but then size/weight will increase. There’s no perfect option here.* The included facial pad is still thicker than necessary and made of a material that makes sweat run down my face (though some may prefer thicker padding & wipeable material)Overall, I am very impressed! This is a way better product than the last revision and I’d even call it a must-have piece of fitness gear for the Quest 2.

  9. TC

    This is a necessity if you are in a high heat area 85+ degrees) in summer and you wear glasses in your unit. Even if you have a cold AC, you really should invest in this. Before getting this little unit, I could only play for about 10-15 mins at a time. My glasses would fog up so badly that it was impossible to see straight. Not much fun. This unit is extremely quiet too. I have to physically touch it to make sure that it is operating, its that quiet. Also, the fact that it sucks the warm air out of the unit means that I didn’t experience any «Dry eye» either. I highly recommend it!!!

  10. Cole

    Allora recensione dopo 1 ora e mezza di beat saber… Direi che è un test preciso per l’appannamento. La maschera sostitutiva è decisamente migliore, più morbida, più comodo, più oscurante… È una specie di pelle sintetica, fa sudare ma meno della gomma protettiva originale, si stacca e si pulisce (si può anche lavare).Ventolina: un solo contro, fa rumore, cioè se la accendi e la tieni in mano non la senti ma appoggiata alla testa si sente. Tutto ciò fino a che sei nella home, come fai partire un gioco a velocità 1 non si sente più a 2 si percepisce.Migliore l’appannamento? Decisamente si, di solito dovevo fermarsi per pulire gli occhiali questa ora e mezza non mi sono mai fermato, ogni tanto un pochino si appannavano ma niente di che.Per chi ha gli occhiali è decisamente utile.PS ho letto tante recensioni in giro che parlano di scomodità per chi porta gli occhiali che andrebbero a battere sulle lenti del visore, è vero, se si usa senza distanziatore ma montando il distanziatore nessun problema, esattamente come con l’originale.

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